Why Libertarians Should Vote for Gary Johnson in 2016

by Jacob McCartney on 2016-07-16

Gary Johnson is not a true Libertarian.

Yes, he won the nomination for the Libertarian Party, but far too many of his views are very much statist ones. While he is anti-war, supports the legalization of marijuana, advocates for freeing the markets of the regulations that make running a business more expensive and more difficult, and is opposed to gun control, he also supports the likes of anti-descrimination laws, publically-funded infrastructure, and does not support the legalization of all drugs.

And yet, the former two-term governor of New Mexico is the best choice for the presidency in 2016.

Johnson faces in this election Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two most disliked nominees in history. One is the most corrupt possible candidate her party could have picked, proof of this being from both her public record and information that came to light from leaked DNC emails proving a rigged election in her favor. The other is a businessman who has no experience in government and who says whatever he wants, no matter how outlandish, in order to win over the people who are tired of establishment politics.

Both choices would be terrible for America.

And in order for Gary Johnson to have any chance of winning, he must be included in the debates. If he is not included, it is my prediction that Donald Trump will be the winner. His strategy from the beginning has been a success. He has in fact created many of the issues the candidates talk about today, such as immigration and being a “Washington outsider,” and he controls the board because of this. All of his opponents are playing his game and they do not even know it.

But if Gary Johnson can manage to be included in the debates, with people being ever more dissatisfied with the two candidates before them, the realization that there is a third (and viable) option for them will wake the country up. Gary Johnson could very well tear down the two party system that has done nothing but corrupt our government since the beginning. If Johnson can win a few states, no matter how insignificant those states may seem, he could take enough electoral votes away from Hillary and Trump to send the election to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives.

Johnson may not be the best possible candidate for Libertarians, but he is the real middle finger to the establishment – not Donald Trump like so many people say he is. Because tearing down and replacing the two party system with parties that actually represent the people is the most important issue our country faces right now, a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote against the establishment and for the chance of freedom-loving candidates to run in the future and win.