Emmanuel Macron Wins French Presidency

by Jacob McCartney on 2017-05-07

I made a prediction yesterday that Le Pen would win the election in France. Today I have been proven wrong.

I did some thinking into why, and I believe it goes back to something I said in my previous article:

The Fourth Republic was established in 1946 after the end of the Second World War, but this only lasted for 12 years, due to their attempt to revive the nation to be exactly what it was during the Third Republic. Due to them bringing back the same problems they had before, the Fourth Republic gave rise to the Fifth Republic in 1958, which remains today.

The French society recreated itself in a lot of ways during that time period, and I believe this counteracts many of the synchronizing and mutually reinforcing contradictions present in their society. This is why Le Pen lost. Despite the strong forces pulling to the right-wing, their society was not ready.